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What We Do At B-Well Chiropractic

Chattanooga Chiropractic Services


Adjustment Techniques: Drop, Diversified, Arthrostim

Therapies: Electric Stim, Ultra Sound, Infared Light, Traction Table

Additional Services: Foot Detox, Ear Candeling, Hand Paraffin

Products We Carry: doTerra Essential Oils, Standard Process and Dee Cee supplements


AromaTouch is performed with 8 different oils. The combination of oils are used for relaxation, anti-inflammatory, boost the immune system and the auto-immune system. Never sore after AromaTouch due to the technique using a light touch and oils. The oils are applied to the back and feet only.

Ear Candeling is used to clear and help drain the sinus cavities and estuation tubes. Not only does this decrease sinus pressure it also clears wax and yeast for the ear canal.

Foot Detox is a 30 minute foot soak that pulls impurities from the soles of your feet by cleaning from the abundant toxins first. This DeTox will help with inflammation, cellular debris , liver, heavy metals, joints and lymphatics.

“Approximately 20 years after I finished Chemo treatments, I did my first foot detox. The appearance and smell of the toxins being pulled from my feet smelled and looked just like the chemo treatments did when I was sick. This made a believer out of me.” Dr. Turner

E-Stim (EMS) is offered to help relax muscles, decrease inflammation and can be accompanied with ice or heat.

Ultrasound can be done with plain gel or infused with biofreeze or deep blue to help decrease inflammation. Ultrasound pushes the deep blue into the body for better alleviation of pain due to the cooling properties and the essential oils. (Biofreeze is for the cooling properties).

Inferred therapy is used to reduce swelling improve joint mobility and increase cellular circulation for maximum healing.

Traction (Spinalator) is used to relax the muscles and start opening spinal segments to help with easier segmental movement with your adjustments. This can also be accompanied with ice.

Cervical Traction will help relieve pressure on disc. By relieving the pressure, nutrients are able to flow back into the disc to enable disc healing as well as decreasing edema. Cervical traction is always followed with 10 minutes of ice.

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